Boot WinXP from USB | Make DOS from USB drive

Floppy disk invented by IBM have now been largely superseded by flash drive these days as more PCs are removing the floppy drive support on their computer packages and now switching to a more reliable USB media devices. To mention some pros in using USB flash disk instead of the old floppy disk are:

1. Capacity – USB flash drives have larger storage (ranging from 64 MB to 256 GB or more) space than the 1.44MB FDD.
2. Speed – USB drives operates faster by reading up to 30mb per second and write about half of its reading speed.
3. Durability – USB devices are designed for multiple cycles of insertion and removal between the USB device and plug.

Well, enough introduction about the difference of USB and Floppy drive. You came here because you want to know “How boot from DOS or Windows from USB flash disk?”

Requirements to boot from USB drives:
1. USB flash drive that supports USB 2.0, 256Mb or more.
2. USB Disk Storage Format Software Tool
3. Grub4Dos Installer
4. Hiren BootCD (9.7 or newer)
5. Free Portable applications
6. PC with BIOS that support legacy USB devices or support for USB 2.0.

Make sure that your USB drive is has a backup if it contains important files or documents before you follow the steps to make your USB drive bootable. All the data in your USB flash drive will totally be erased during the format. This was shared to me by my office mate when my computer broke down and was unable to reboot Windows normally. Now, for the links and step by step tutorial on how to boot from your USB drive click here and download the necessary boot cd click here.

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