Diablo III – the evil is back with server errors

Developed and Published by Blizzard Entertainment the 3rd installment of Diablo horror fantasy game has been released and they are having some server issues some of these are:

- Error 33 http://Battle.net is down for Maintenance
- Servers are busy. Please try again later.
- ERROR: The file Installer Tome 2.MPQE could not be opened, because an error 108 occurred
- Diablo III Installation problem
- Graphic card issues

To avoid these Diablo server errors, check first if you meet the system requirement, at least the minimum. Many are anticipating this game and expect network and server traffic so be patient and at least browse their technical support forum here, maybe someone already posted the same problem and already been resolved.

One comment on “Diablo III – the evil is back with server errors

  1. keke says:

    I have the same trouble onto european server (i live in France).

    I then use the OPTiON > choose your server, to reach the Asia server. And i was able to play for hours… (juste waiting 4 minutes to connect to the game).

    Home it will work for you too if you have still some troubles.


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