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Facebook has been one of several websites I regularly visit for some time now. Actually, I was registered in Facebook way before my friends started inviting me. Before, I really didn’t take Facebook seriously because I don’t want to track a lot of social bookmarking websites and I know I can’t monitor all of them. Anyway, most of my friends are moving to Facebook so I followed them so we could still have some communication despite our busy lives.

While I was starting to explore Facebook, it’s various applications and functions. I notice that Facebook doesn’t have visitor tracking option. So, how would I know who is visiting my Facebook profile? I really like monitoring my profile visitors because in a way it gives me an idea who are the ones that really goes on their way to visit my Facebook profile. Also, it also tells me active and inactive friends base on their last visit logged into the tracking application.

After searching for a free Facebook tracker or even commercial applications. It’s bad news for me, most of the websites offering Facebook tracker are either limited or doesn’t really function the way it is supposed to, specially for anonymous surfers. Well, we can’t really expect an application to get information from users that are not logged in to tracking system or in Facebook. One more problem is that Facebook did a great job on preventing code embedding on their system. No luck for now, but who knows maybe I just need to search deeper into the world wide web to find one.

8 comments on “Facebook Tracker | Facebook Logger

  1. Technologian says:

    There’s actually a user script that works well… It function as a tracker for those friends of yours in Facebook that put you down on their friends list…


    Jerson Reply:

    I wrote a comment on your site, anyway like I said this is a great alternative for users monitoring there accounts on their personal computers. Thanks


  2. John Carl says:

    Facebook has it’s privacy law. It’d be difficult for someone to install a tracking code. :/

    But I wish there is. Haha!


    Jerson Reply:

    Yeah they are very strict about their privacy law, but I think it’s a good thing.

    Maybe an optional application from their system would be great for those who love to have one. :D


  3. Mel says:

    a hacker perhaps? xD


  4. James says:

    I found one guys!!!! A working facebook tracker at http://www.profilestalkers.com. I tried it and it seems 100% legit! Some badass hacker must have coded this!


  5. techjuck says:

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  6. techjuck says:

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