Free Webhosting, Unlimited Bandwidth and Space for 2 years

Finally, I have my own WordPress blog hosted in the most widely used domain and web hosting by most blogger I know. This is made possible by Dreamhost who gave me this Free Web hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Space plus a Domain of my own choosing for 2 years.

I have been planning to buy a Dreamhost account but fortunately I can give it a road test first before I start paying their domain and hosting services. If I would pay for this free web host and domain for 2 years it would cost me more than $200, well I don’t have to pay that a lot of money for now that’s why it free!

Lucky for me I have an old Geocities account that I used for learning purposes and storage for some of my crappy pictures. What it has to do with my free Dreamhost account? Well, before you can avail or get this free offer there are some simple steps you need to do first, and for the complete tutorial and steps click here.

Thanks to Jehzlau, a pro blogger who also blogged about this great offer and simple steps that is why I am enjoying this great free web hosting which supports PHP, MySQL and a lot more by the way. To know more about Dreamhost services you can visit them here.

2 comments on “Free Webhosting, Unlimited Bandwidth and Space for 2 years

  1. thanks for the mention jerson. mabuhay! hehe


    Jerson Reply:

    ahehe that’s the least I can do ahehe, basta ikaw :D


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