How to edit, change or delete network credentials in Windows 7

To share folder in Windows 7 on the homegroup or workgroup. Sometimes, your administrator will create a user name and password for the directories he/she wants to share over the network. Then to access those folder on a different machine a Windows Security dialog box will prompt the user for the his/her credentials. You can check the Remember my credentials tick box so that when you return to the shared folder you don’t need to manually enter the username and password.

But, the problem is how about if the credentials are changed by your system admin or a different credential is needed to fully access the files on the shared folder?

Here are some ways to change your network logon user names and passwords in Windows 7:

A. Control Panel

1. Go to Control Panel > User Account and Family Safety > Credetential Manager
2. Click on the Internet or network address you want to change
3. Either edit or remove the stored credential

B. Run

1. Open the run command dialog, type “cmd” on the start menu search box
2. on the command promtp type -> rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr

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