How to Re-Enable Youtube buffering in Google Chrome

I notice lately that when watching Youtube videos, it frequently stops. I don’t remember setting off the pre-buffer settings of the Google Chrome or installing a Chrome extension that will disable the Youtube autoplay. Anyway, this really irritates me when watching Youtube videos.. because our internet connection is a little bit slow these days. Slow internet connection means the Youtube video will frequently stop its streaming, making the buffer progress bar and replay useless.

Now I want to share how to fix Youtube pre-buffering, actually it’s very simple. It’s just clicking and removing some cookies in Google Chrome’s hood. ;)

Easy Steps on how to enable Youtube pre-buffering:
1. Click the wrench icon on the upper right side of your screen.
2. Select Options menu on the popup and an options tab will appear
3. Select Under the Hood on the left side of your screen
4. click the contenct settings… button
5. click All cookies and site data.. button
6. on the Cookies and Other Data panel type youtube on the search box
7. a list of youtube cookies will appear just Hit the Remove All button
8. close any instance of Google Chrome on your desktop
9. Open Google Chrome and try to watch your favorite YoutTube video with buffering enabled
10. Done :D

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