How Transfer pictures from Friendster to Facebook easily?

There are some questions in the net on how to migrate old pictures from Friendster, MySpace, Multiply and other social sites to Facebook or vice versa. This wouldn’t really be a problem if you have a backup copy of your photos that you uploaded to these social media sites. All you have to do is re-upload them to your new account, right? But, what would you do if you accidentally lost your backup and the uploaded pictures are the only ones left? Or, simply you want to have new copies of your pictures online so you can save them to your hard drive.

I tried some software that will scan your online pictures and automatically save them to your hard drive. But the thing is it will also download other unwanted pictures or photos.

Now, here are the easy steps on how to transfer pictures from Friendster to Facebook easily. You’ll need Mozilla Firefox browser for this trick to work.

1. Login to your Friendster account and go to the photo album section of your account.

2. Browse each picture in one of your albums. This will make the pictures download faster and avoid missing photos.

3. On you Mozilla Firefox menu, click Tools >> Page Info or use the shortcut button by pressing Alt+t then Press I. This will open the Page Info window.

4. Click the Media Icon on top of the Page info window.

5. Look for Image Type files that starts with

6. Select all the images that you want to save. You can see the preview of each picture at the bottom of Page Info window.

7. Click Save As.

8. You will be prompted for a Directory to save the selected pictures. You can create a new folder by pressing the New Folder button.

9. Click Save.

10. You will see that your selected photos are being downloaded to your selected folder.

Now you can use the Facebook upload pictures function and upload your newly exported pictures and your done!

20 comments on “How Transfer pictures from Friendster to Facebook easily?

  1. JHODYN says:

    thanks for the easy way procedure :)


  2. belle says:

    Thanks for that info, sooooo cooool! perfect timing as friendster will format and all photos will be out


  3. nej says:

    Thanx for sharing this..appreciate it!


  4. Angel Madz says:

    Thanks for the BIG HELP!


  5. belze says:

    Very helpful! Thank you.


  6. sab says:

    im still getting the thumbnail size of the photos even i already browsed them one by one..


  7. dida says:

    facebook now has an app called EasyTransfer. it’s easy and fast :)


  8. Andoi says:

    Very nice


  9. Heidi says:

    Thank you so much really works for me…..:))


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