Philippines mobile number prefixes: Is it Globe, Smart or Sun number?

Posted here are prefixes of mobile networks available in the Philippines. This will be handy if your are registered to a mobile carrier and you want to maximize their unlimited call promos on the same network.

If you notice the 4th digit of a mobile number e.g. 09271234567 it is 7 and it means the mobile is subscribe to Globe network.

Here are the basic references to determine if a number is under the Smart or Globe network

1. Mobile number with 8,9,0,1 on the 4th digit are subscribe either Smart Buddy, Talk N Text, AMP, Smart Kid.

2. Mobile number with 5, 6, 7 on the 4th digit are subscribe either Globe or Touch Mobile.

3. Mobile number with 2 on the 4th digit are subscribe to Sun network.

How to know if Globe, Smart, or Sun?

For a more detailed look up you can use the list below:

0905 Globe
0906 Globe
0915 Globe
0916 Globe
0917 Globe
0926 Globe
0927 Globe
0935 Globe
0936 Globe
0937 Globe
0996 Globe
0997 Globe
0907 Smart
0908 Smart
0909 Smart
0910 Smart
0912 Smart
0918 Smart
0919 Smart
0920 Smart
0921 Smart
0928 Smart
0929 Smart
0947 Smart
0989 Smart
0999 Smart
0930 Smart/Red Mobile
0938 Smart/Red Mobile
0939 Smart/Red Mobile
0948 Smart/Talk N Text
0922 Sun
0923 Sun
0932 Sun
0933 Sun
0942 Sun
0943 Sun
0946 Talk N Text
0948 Talk N Text
0949 Talk N Text

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