How to Restore a Hacked Account on Facebook

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One day while you are attempting to log in to your Facebook account you were flag with a message saying Incorrect Email/Password Combination. Have you tried using Forgot password feature from Facebook reset link? Go to to give it a try. If Facebook didn’t send you any new email regarding reset password and you already exhausted your memory of the entire list of passwords you know and still to no avail. It is possible that your account has been hacked by someone.

I suggest that you visit here to view all the topics on how to restore your Facebook account, Phished account, Money transfer scam. In this page you can also find more links concerning Protecting account security, Tips for keeping your account secure, How Facebook protects your information, Suspicious emails and notifications, Editing your Privacy Settings, Approved Devices, Emails from Facebook, Suspicious emails, Email preferences, Password reset emails, Confirmation and reactivation emails, Email notifications, Reporting abuse on Facebook, Someone is attacking or harassing me, Reporting abuse, Abusive site content and Sensitive issues.
If none of these answered your problem you can file a report at Check your emails for any replies from Facebook. You might also think back if you installed any application recently that might cause any trojans or viruses that harmed you PC. Please comment below if this article helped you restore your Facebook account.

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5 Responses to “How to Restore a Hacked Account on Facebook”

  1. thomas Says:

    i found this tools, but i dont know it works or not…you can try..this tools call FB account recover


  2. lotis Says:

    hi..i cant open my acount in hk…com said not notify location…


  3. rachel Says:

    i cant reset my password even though i already identify my facebook account and i didnt receive any email regarding on changing my password kindly help me please thanks


    Jerson Reply:

    check your email in your account if it is correct, maybe it is pointed to someone else. yaiks


  4. beaciara de leon Says:

    my facebook and yahoo has been hacked.i cannot open.pls help to recover my account


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